Welcome Back.

I recently had to make some major changes on my server which hosts NinjaFun.xyz, this blog and a number of other sites. Regrettably the USB stick I backed up the blog data to was, to put it simply, “buggered”. Oh well, time to start again I guess?

Anyway, this is my “personal” blog. My name is Steve Antony Williams and I like to keep a blog for fun and enjoy making occasional updates etc. You will never see scores of annoying adverts although I may occasionally provide a link to a product I am talking about or selling on eBay or Amazon etc.

Hope to see you all in the comments some time.



2 thoughts on “Welcome Back.

  1. Ironfist

    Doesn’t your hosting provider do backups?
    If not, I would suggest backing up to google drive or onedrive to avoid that situation occurring again.


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