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Who Am I? If you think about it we describe ourselves in a number of different ways, ways which are essentially “what we are” rather than “who we are”; mere social constructionisms such as “a banker”, “a mother” or whatever. I don’t think for a second looking at “what” people are really tells you anything much about them but “hey ho” maybe that’s just my perspective.

So here’s a brief “synopsis” of what I am and/or have been:

  • I am self employed, mainly because I have found that in the current economic climate and job market that finding “significant” employment, despite extensive work experience and education, is nigh on impossible.
  • I live on the South Coast of England. I have no complaints about this, I like it here, although I confess the cost of living is atrocious compared to living further “oop North”.
  • I am married and have been (despite “flakey” periods) for several years, she has her moments but where would we be about our “nearest and dearest” eh?
  • I love pets, I’ve had numerous cats and dogs over the years, I currently have 3 dogs: a chocoloate labrador, a collie and a border terrier. Frankly, pets can be less trouble than people on the whole, although I’ve never had anyone round who sh*t themselves on the carpet.
  • I drive a Ford Focus, gripping stuff eh? I can however, drive motorbikes and lorries as well. The chances of me riding a motorbike again are slim though. I once got knocked off one in London and ended up with a broken leg and various other injuries.
  • I was a pastry chef at one of London’s top restaurants, it seems like an eternity ago now.

What I enjoy:

  • Video gaming, especially RPG and adventure type games such as the Final Fantasy and Legend Of Zelda series (although Skyward Sword was kind of crap in my opinion). I own numerous gaming consoles, Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft etc but my favourites these days tend to be the handheld systems.
  • Faffing around on computers. I wouldn’t say I do anything particularly useful on them, not at home that is, although I have been known to use Microsoft Office or even LibreOffice on occasion.
  • Cooking, up to a point. Cooking is such a pain, everybody’s a damn critic. Try making a fry up in our house and you get different people want eggs different ways, one doesn’t want tomatoes, one doesn’t want black pudding, one doesn’t want bla bla bla …. I would never be a chef again, unless it was the absolute last resort job wise.

What bugs me:

  • People who think they know what’s best for other people.
  • Hipsters. I mean seriously, they annoy most of us right?
  • Coconut. Seriously this stuff is the devil’s spawn, the single vilest substance on the planet, I’d rather eat depleted uranium I think.
  • Sales and marketing people. If I want it I’ll find it myself thank you and come to you for it. If you try and sell something to me it bugs me so much that even if I want it I just go and get it from someone else just to deprive you of the sale.
  • Politicians. They’re all mendacious Richard Craniums.

What I’d like to do:

  • Sing for people. Possibly for a living. Ok, I’m not outstanding, but I’m not totally crap either.
  • Work abroad, Singapore is particularly appealing as I like the climate there and the food etc but Malaysia would suffice 🙂
  • Learn to dance. Starting with classical stuff like the waltz.

Well after all that do you know who am I? No? No surprises there then 🙂


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