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A handy “guide” to what is safe to eat and drink ….

As there seems to be a plethora of information these days on what food and drink is “bad” for you I thought I’d compile this handy little guide (plus a complimentary picture of some PROPERLY cooked bacon):

  1. Bacon, sausages, processed meats etc: Red meat OMG so baaad for you, also too much salt in salami, and any processed meat apparently causes cancer. Like anyone who is into bacon is going to take any notice of that, I mean come on !!
  2. Aspartame and other sweeteners: Causes cancer and probably infertility as well. Apparently sugar free drinks with aspartame in make you fat, like what? Sugar makes you fat, we all know that, the whole point of sweeteners is to replace sugar. Also I’m diabetic and when I want a cold drink I don’t want to spend my entire life drinking water or milk.
  3. Cereals and processed “grainy”/”potatoey” type products: Apparently contain high levels of acrylamide which again is cancer causing. So breakfast cereals, crisps etc. So put those Pringles down !!
  4. Water: Yes amazing as it might seem you can die from too much water (drinking it that is), you can also bleeding well drown in it.
  5. Just about everything you can eat or drink.

So yes basically everything you can eat or drink is bad for you in some way and really that’s all you need to know, so you don’t spend your life eating bacon and Shredded Wheat three times a day whilst drinking a gallon of water at each sitting. So basically: “balance” and moderation in all things and you’ll probably be fine, just don’t eat any weird poisonous Japanese fish.


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