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London and its droog “problems” right now ….

Published on 9th May 2018 by in News, Opinion

London has a problem ….

Brixton ACID ATTACK: Woman rushed to hospital after being ‘caught in acid fight’ in London.

UK crime HORROR continues as weekend bloodbath grips country.

East London hit by ACID ATTACK spree: Three rushed to hospital in morning horror.

Well, I could post loads more links but you get the idea. Most of Britain knows that recently London overtook New york for murders for the first time in history, and how does our wonderful media react to this? They argue about whether it is true or not, fiddling while Rome burns or what?  Is it just me? Or does anyone else not think “less talk, more action”? Well, I guess Paul Joseph Watson agrees with me at least:

Meanwhile our glorious “leaders” in the House Of Commons and those senile buffoons in the House Of Lords think it’s more important to try and stop Brexit, it’s more important to shovel blame around for various less important matters in wallow in levels of previously unseen “head in the sand” behaviour and general incompetence. It’s not rocket science, we are close to the point where the only things that WILL WORK for the violence that is coming is:

  1. Zero tolerance policing in London.
  2. Martial law in London until this is “cleaned up”.
  3. Nuke London.

Number 1 is probably the best bet for now, whilst I can’t speak for New Yorkers, as I understand it the zero tolerance policy has more or less worked for their city, at the very least shown some efficacy. Mind you the United Kingdom is a very politically correct country now, if such a policy was adopted here can you imagine the whinging and whining from certain societal groups?  Number 2 should be saved for when this gets even worse. I suppose by the time you need martial law even the government knows this is necessary and will implement it, one can but hope.  Number 3 is seriously temtping ….

The solution then? Well it’s not “don’t chase moped riders without helmets because they might hurt themselves”, it isn’t “stop and search is racist so don’t do it”, in my opinion we’ve got to the stage where something far more “drastic” is needed, it’s probably time for number 1 from above. What say you?


PS A small note for Americans: If you ban guns, the crooks will just use another weapon, London is evidence of that right? Ok, London has guns but not at the US level and instead of guns we have acid attackers, and thugs wielding machetes and knives. If you take away a weapon there’s always something else the crook can use instead.

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