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The saga of my blasted right ear ….

Not sure what to do about my ear now. As some of you will know I wear hearing aids. What some of you won’t know is how this came about ….

Years ago I was mugged in London and “cut” (albeit a small cut and slight stab) by a drunk idiot flailing around with a knife near my head. My right ear was damaged and I had a large part of my inner ear removed and my ear stitched back on fully etc. It’s not as grim as it sounds and to the NHS’s credit they did a good job on the whole, no nasty great obvious scar etc (under the hair so as long as I don’t go totally bald ….)

The damage gave me tinnitus and affected my hearing so I ended up with hearing aids. Now my hearing aids are getting somewhat “retro” and I’ve been told I need new ones (these still work but whatever). So I go for the hearing test and “goo in the ear” routine and am told to get my ear suctioned (syringing is out of the question) because of hard wax.

So home I go and being proactive I put ear drops/olive oil in to see if it will shed some of it while waiting for the eternally slow NHS appointment for the suctioning …. SOME wax comes out. Three months later I finally have an appointment this afternoon in Tangmere (God knows why there, I thought it would be local ENT at the hospital but whatever).

For the last week my ear has been shedding a ton of God knows what, I wake up every morning, have to clean it out and now it’s swollen inside as well. You know what’s going to happen right? “We can’t do this because it’s too swollen” or “where’s the wax” (what is coming out is most definitely NOT wax).

I can only assume the wax has come out and there may been a small abscess/boil/whatever inside that is now leaking 🙁 However, it’s not smelly, which I expect if it was an infection and boils tend to whiff a lot as well.

I suppose it’s going to be “we can’t do that” and wait another three months. Seriously how do old people cope with all this crap when they need a new hearing aid or whatever? I live 3 miles west of Chichester, I have to go to bleeding Felpham for the hearing test and new aids, Tangmere for the suctioning etc. It’d be a right pain in the rear if I didn’t have a car 🙁

I suppose I could take some Ibuprofen and see if the swelling goes down?


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