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Tesco – Be careful or they will basically accuse you of being a thief and ban you ….

Today I visited Tesco at Chichester and as usual scanned my Clubcard in order to use “scan as you shop” whereupon I got “error code 200”. I asked at customer services about this, they directed me to someone else, they directed me to a “duty manager” etc. It “transpires” that I allegedly “bought” a pair of trousers from the store which I didn’t scan. Now I accept that I am not, by any stretch of imagination, infallible. However, I do not appreciate the manner of resolution offered with regards to this matter. I was told to speak to the “checkout manager” (not there, which is not helpful particularly) about it. I don’t get into games of “ping pong” and I chose instead to call customer services who were, frankly, useless and basically gave me “it’s not my job” as their answer and wouldn’t direct to anyone who can deal with it.

I cannot accept the following:

  1. *IF* I did indeed get some trousers (I did get some at one point I admit) then why is the first I hear of it via being blocked from getting a scanner and being pushed from one member of staff to the next? You could have contacted me and shown me clearly that I did not pay for them (if that is the case) but NO, instead I am looked upon by your staff with barely disguised scorn. All you had to do was contact me, you know who I am and where I am, the Clubcard is registered to me after all.
  2. Being expected to wait for a specific person , in the store itself (who wasn’t there) is in itself ridiculous. You do know it’s 2017 right? We are all computerised now, I am well aware Tesco has plenty of computers in their stores and head office and to intimate that someone at customer services (I *BELIEVE* it’s Dundee?) can’t resolve this is bordering on ridiculous. To say it’s down to one man in the store itself is simply not right, what if he simply ignores my complaint (likely given my experiences so far)? What if he’s never there when I am? Etc etc.

So there you go Tesco, congratulations on basically accusing me of being a thief. You’re all over the Internet now. My advice to everybody else? Shop somewhere else ….

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  1. Russ Michaels

    If you bought them, then why does it matter that you didn’t scan them ? They still got paid for.

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