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Elected representatives who don’t actually “represent” the people who voted for them

Well this isn’t going to be a popular post with some people but I’m going to write it anyway. There’s a lot of “huff and puff” going down lately with regards to immigration problems, racism, Nazism and the effect on the politics of various countries such as the USA, the United Kingdom and Germany.

First up let’s talk “Brexit”. The United Kingdom is a democratically led country with parliament elected to represent the wishes and desires of the majority vote that put said party into power, eg the “vox populi” and its wishes. The majority vote spoke out, people want Brexit and this may (or may not) be due to immigration into the country (I suspect it mostly is). The United Kingdom government has failed consistently to recognise its people’s wishes, consequently failing to do its job, which is to represent the people that voted for them. Time and time again we have been “stitched up” by governments who have done what they thought was the “right thing to do” for the populace without actually asking the public; the mere fact that the United Kingdom has had so few referendums is indicative of this. I appreciate that we can’t have a referendum to decide every single little thing but stuff like leaving the ERM (Exchange Rate Mechanism), leaving the EU, the Lisbon Treaty and more, should have ALL been subject to a referendum. It doesn’t matter how “thick” or “stupid” you may think “the public” the point is the party runs the country for the people and if the people’s wishes (no matter how stupid they may seem to you if you are a MP) are not followed then EVENTUALLY the public are going to get mightily pissed off. Can’t say as I blame them really.

As for Brexit, this is democracy in action, the majority said “out” so the moaning “remainers” should just keep quiet and live with it. I recall many years ago the despair I felt when Tony Blair got into power (we all know what a disaster he turned out to be) yet you didn’t see me campaigning outside the Houses Of Parliament demanding a new election, I just accepted it, after all the MAJORITY VOTE said “Labour”. Now I accept the system is a bit “naff” with the whole first past the post system but it’s the system that needs changing, if you didn’t like it then why didn’t everybody vote in the “alternative vote” referendum?

Then there’s Germany. I am fortunate to know a lot of Germans from my Commodore 64 and Amiga hacking days of the 1980s and 1990s and on the whole they’re all very nice guys, pretty normal, much the same as you and me, just German. Now even many Germans are starting to say “enough” towards immigration. Angela Merkel’s party has taken a major setback and now the Alternative For Germany party is set to enter the German Parliament for the first time ever. Why am I not surprised? It’s only a matter of time (in my opinion) before we have something similar in France.

Then there’s the USA. Boy is this a hotbed of spin and bullshit. Would Hillary Clinton be a good President? Damned if I know. Would Donald Trump be a good President? Again damned if I know, he might after all. The point is he is telling many people what they want to hear. Guess what if people are pissed off enough that works. Then you end with far right politics and all because the previous administrations/governments couldn’t be arsed to do WHAT the people that voted for them wanted. For my money the USA will get the President it wants, whether that’s Clinton or Trump as ultimately your country should be led by the people who represent what YOU want not by what they think is “best for you”.

Whoever runs a country would do well to remember this. Represent the wishes of the people who voted for you, that’s what a representative democracy is supposed to be, not some system for you to further your political career and piss people off with a load of things they don’t want. We’re grown ups, we understand we need some austerity, tightening the belts and all that. But also many of us don’t want uncontrolled immigration. I myself have considered emigration and even with all my experience, qualifications and other “skills” (I speak more than one language) it’s a “no” from everywhere pretty much, why doesn’t the UK have immigration like that? Oh hang on it does, if you’re a surgeon from Australia or a rocket scientist from the USA. But once you’re in the EU block it seems to be a “free for all” and in a country the size of the United Kingdom this simply can’t carry on.


PS some figures:

The United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland) is (give or take a bit) 94,000 square miles and has around 65 million inhabitants (well the ones we know about). The USA is about 3,800,000 square miles and has a population of around 320 million. You don’t need to be a genius to see the problem …. And if you think “my that’s a lot less densely populated than the UK”, wait until you see this: Russia is about 17,100,000 square miles with 144 million inhabitants. Not only that but Russia is a lot closer to the Eastern European countries and Syria etc that people want to emigrate from ….

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