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An open letter to UK politicians (especially Conservatives) re: Brexit

It’s time the lot of you grew some testicles. The vox populi has made it clear that the majority want us to leave the economic basket case that is the European Union (is Greece going to default on its re-payment in the next few days?) so you should "man up" (yes even the ladies) and get on with it.

You seem to forget we live in a democracy and no matter how wrong you think the "Brexiters" were you have to follow the majority’s wish, that’s what democracy is, go look it up in the dictionary if you don’t believe me. Instead of whining about it or talking of voting against triggering article 50 and having a veto you should just get on and do it.

The people of the United Kingdom have spoken, because they are sick of you, the lot of you, you’re all hopelessly useless, you only join parliament as a "career move", what happened to "being in service to your country"? Remember you are, at the end of the day, still just glorified "civil servants". The clue is the job title, eg the "SERVANT" part. We give you power (or take it away) every general election so that you will represent the majority wish.

Think of this as a chance to show the disillusioned people that you can do what you’re told, you can be responsible and do what we wish and maybe, just maybe, we might have some respect for you in the future.

  • Dr Steve Antony Williams (Chichester)
  • Mike Craig (Salford)
  • Jackie Sutton (Horsham)
  • Jean Williams (Chichester)
  • David Sutton (Chichester)
  • Stefan Canziani (London)
  • Rik Jones (Cornwall)
  • Peter Johnson (Luton)
  • Karl Walters (Sheffield)
  • Michael Sanderson (Crawley)
  • Peter jones (Brighton)
  • Alex McKechnie (Edinburgh)
  • Lisa Savage (Wolverhampton)
  • Tom Savage (Wolverhampton)
  • John Bright (York)
  • John Walters (Durham)
  • Susan Walters (Durham)
  • Irene Garner (Liskeard)
  • Keith Garner (Liskeard)
  • David Williamson (Dover)
  • Dominic Wilson (Birmingham)
  • Karen Jones (Swindon)
  • Peter Jones (Swindon)
  • Brian Jones (Swindon)
  • Nigel Parris (Crawley)
  • David Simmonds (Middlesborough)
  • Theresa Simmonds (Middlesborough)
  • Dr Paul Grant (Croydon)
  • Jessica Sutton (Horsham)
  • Jane Sutton (Redhill)
  • Jennifer Engles (Maidstone)
  • Jason Dawson (Thornton Heath)
  • Janet Dawson (Thornton Heath)
  • Peter Harris (Catford, London)
  • Susannah Harris (Catford, London)
  • Denise Williams (St Albans)
  • Tamsin Follows (Stoke On Trent)
  • David Parr (Trowbridge)
  • Darren Cooper (Worthing)
  • Clive Smith (Wandsworth, London)
  • Tina Smith (Wandsworth, London)
  • Paul Cooper (Wolverhampton)
  • Kim Cooper (Wolverhampton)
  • Tony Ward (St Albans)
  • Jim Mattison (Ramsgate)
  • Mureed Hussain Shah (Luton)
  • Mike Taylor (Grantham)
  • Dawn Sweet (Stoke On trent)
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  1. Why cannot the remainers accept that they lost with good grace As for Scotland have your indipendance be ruled by Germany adopt the euro When you end up worse than Greece dont cry to England to bail you out

  2. GarryHJ

    If Scotland does vote to leave the British Union and remain in the European Union … can I have the contract to erect the fencing along the Anglo-Scottish border please? After all, I only live a stone’s throw from it anyway.

    • Diabetic Ninja

      A lot closer than me then :p I was thinking we should maybe just erect the “London wall” lol, all around the M25 🙂

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