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Reasons to leave the sinking ship that is the EU

Published on 4th June 2016 by in Opinion


Reasons why we should leave the EU …. Ok, so I’ve written about this before and I know everybody’s sick of hearing about it but I’m sick of hearing the same old tired arguments about the economy. So, without further ado:


Now I’m no politics student (in my defence I do have a combined honours degree which is partly economics and also studied politics at college prior to entering university the second time) but I know what a democracy is supposed to be. The dictionary definition is pretty straight forward and goes along the lines of: “Democracy, or democratic government, is a system of government in which all the people of a state are involved in making decisions about its affairs, typically by voting to elect representatives to a parliament or similar assembly”. So in other words, being pragmatic about it, we can’t have a referendum for every single thing, so we elect a political party based on the idea that they will do what the vox populi (voice of the people) wants. Ok so it’s far from perfect, Cameron’s never done anything useful that I wanted but I suppose I can’t complain, I didn’t vote Conservative last time. The key point is the winning party at a general election is elected to power and if, heaven forbid, we screw it up we can just re-elect in a few years and boot them out.

However, EU laws are made by the EU Commission, whose members are appointed to their role, not elected. In other words major laws are made which affect UK citizens by somebody you’ve never heard of in an office building in Belgium or wherever. Did you also know the EU has five presidents? None are elected. It’s bad enough having an elected mendacious “spiv” like Cameron in charge but how annoyed would you be if he was simply Prime Minister because he was “given” the role? Of course, what the EU is therefore is an “old boy’s network” of dodgy handshakes and elite university connections and “jobs for the boys” who probably don’t even deserve those jobs in the first place.  Democracy isn’t perfect (especially not ours) but on the whole it’s probably the least offensive “workable” form of government we have in the world, whereas socialism and the like inevitably fail because somebody always abuses it. Do you want to live in a democracy or something else? Do you want people who you neither know nor elected to have power over you? I certainly don’t, I would much rather live in a democratic state like we have now, even though it is flawed, at least we can boot the Conservatives out in 3 or 4 years if we want for being ineffective, mendacious and incompetent.


Oh God here we go …. I just know somebody is going to call me out on racism here …. See, the thing is if most people want to emigrate to another country it’s tough, I mean really tough. I myself have looked at emigrating to Canada. I’m not stupid, I have a number of degrees, A levels, speak more than one language and a number of useful workplace skills. BUT, even Canada, I don’t score enough points, nor Australia, nor New Zealand. Yet you want to come to the UK? Welcome in, with open arms etc ….

I have no issue with refugees, heck, if you’re trying to escape a war and so on then I don’t blame you and that’s fair enough. But coming here for a better way of life, the so called “economic migrants”, has to be a no. This isn’t racism, it simply is a question of space and resources. England is Europe’s most crowded country. Most of us (eg the real people, not the politicians and corporate CEOs) haven’t got over the 2008/2009 recession yet. Our resources are pretty much jammed solid, be they schools, hospitals or whatever. Realistically we simply can’t take any more. Let’s put it in perspective shall we? The United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland) is (give or take a bit) 94,000 square miles and has around 65 million inhabitants (well the ones we know about). The USA is about 3,800,000 square miles and has a population of around 320 million. You don’t need to be a genius to see the problem …. And if you think that’s “my that’s a lot less densely populated than the UK”, wait until you see this: Russia is about 17,100,000 square miles with 144 millions inhabitants. Not only that but Russia is a lot closer to the Eastern European countries and Syria etc that people want to immigrate from ….

UK Citizens don’t want to stop immigration, they want “controlled” immigration, like much of the rest of the world has in fact, this island is “full”.


The Eurozone is in dangerous decline, basically it’s a sinking ship. Unemployment is around 24% in Greece, 20% in Spain, 12% in Italy and so on. The European continent is littered with massive debt (Greece springs to mind) and stagnant economies. Did you know that Europe is the only continent in the world (well aside from Antarctica if you want to nit pick) that is not growing? How can jobs thrive in such an environment? The only thing that “thrives” is the people at the top because they can impose more on the workers and get away with it. Zero hours contracts, pitiful increases in minimum wage, discriminatory hiring policy and so on. You’ve heard of “trickle down economics” right? The only people benefiting right now are the recipients of the “flow upwards” economics structure. Which bring us nicely onto ….


The EU favours big business. EU rules on tax enable large multinational global corporations (Amazon, Google and so on) to select and relocate to different legal jurisdictions and tax regimes. Why do you think eBay and Amazon are registered in Luxembourg? Simple: Cheaper tax. Worse still the EU “system” allows these companies to abuse things even further by not closing loopholes where monies are moved from country to country to minimise tax (Double Dutch & Irish or whatever the latest “fiddle” is). Politicians have always been mendacious and disreputable but nowadays they are worse than ever, taking corporate back handers, hiding money offshore, lining up director of the board jobs and all the rest of it. Who suffers? We all do, it’s “flow upwards” economics again. Small businesses are demolished by the behemoth that is online retail and supermarkets and all the rest of it. To top it all most small businesses in the UK are swimming in paperwork, petty bureaucracy and red tape, all EU imposed. Not to mention the industries the EU effectively demolished, such as the UK fishing industry. Want to know why cod and chips is so expensive down the chip shop? Blame the EU fishing quotas.


Ok, go out. Seriously, go pop yourself in a lay-by someplace and watch cars go by. How many are German, French, Italian? (mostly German) Trade with the EU isn’t going to stop if we leave the EU, do you think BMW, Volkswagen and Mercedes will say “go boil your head you silly British we can’t sell cars to you anymore”? Of course not. The shops are littered with European products, cheese from France, beer from Germany, salami from Italy and so on. This stuff is still going to be on the shelves, French cheese manufacturers aren’t stupid, they will still sell it to the British, trade agreement or no trade agreement.

Besides trade agreements are irrelevant. “Stuff” comes from all over the world. My house is littered with things made in China, there’s New Zealand lamb in the freezer, Australian beer in the fridge and so on. Heck there’s even some American chocolate here someplace (nasty stuff!) As far as trade is concerned the EU is irrelevant, we live in a “global village” now, we don’t need special “clubs” to negotiate our trade.


As has been well advertised, the United Kingdom currently contributes £350,000,000 a week to the EU in “funds”. Ok, I hear the “remain” campaigners cry “but we get a rebate” etc. Even so we are still basically “giving” the EU £161,000,000 a week and getting very little in return (plus the rebate amount will go down in time). To add insult to injury the “rebate funds” have to be spent where the EU directs us to, which of course gives the EU the chance to say “look how generous we are, this money came from the EU”. Now think about it carefully, you give your neighbour £350 a week and they give you £189 back, insist on how you spend that £189 and then tell you how generous they are. I know we’re not all mathematics geniuses but come on I don’t need my (largely redundant) A Level in Mathematics to see that’s just a load of crap. I’d rather just tell the neighbours to sod off.


Have you ever been a management consultant? I worked for one of those firms who come into a business in their Armani suits with their laptops and spreadsheets and then leave telling you what you already knew! One of the things they often advise is either fragmentation, or the opposite which is centralisation, neither tend to work particularly well. You can’t centralise all the countries into one giant federal super-state, it simply won’t work, there’s just too many differing cultures, economies and opinions. Greece will never be like England or Germany in terms of economy or culture, they just don’t work our way. Why do you think the world has so many countries? Because each country tends to be a neat(ish) divide of cultures, beliefs and so on. China is next to Russia but they’ve not got a lot in common really (well failed communism I guess), they’re not likely to join up. Japan doesn’t want to be part of China, they don’t need to be, same as we don’t need to be part of Europe. So why give away what power this country does have?

Finally, why we should leave:

Business will have the chance to thrive (remember there are far more small and medium businesses in this country than there are big multinationals) because they will be freed from EU bureaucracy, red tape and interference. Trade with the EU will continue, we’ll still be able to buy BMWs, brie, salami and sauerkraut. We won’t be giving the EU £350,000,000 a year, we can spend that on something else and whilst I am not naïve enough to think it would get spent on the NHS it’s a heck of a lot of money that can be spent right here on our own people.

We will retain our democracy, be able to elect who we choose to govern us and be able to boot them out if they’re rubbish a few years later. Immigration will continue but it will become harder, we won’t be seen as such a “soft touch”. As for elitism, have you not noticed who tends to have the loudest voices when shouting “better off in”? The big corporations, the CEO fat cats, the “top” 5% when it comes to wealth, if you vote out you are giving them a metaphorical boot in the gonads.  They want to stay in simply because it’s better for THEM, not for the people as whole.

We have many things to our advantage, London is still the most important city in the world financially acting as a large “hub” of all matters financial, we have some of the greatest scientists and scientific advances and some of the world’s greatest products come from right here. Let’s keep it that way and vote out. You know it makes sense, don’t take my word for it, listen to Daniel Hannan on the video clip below ….


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