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Utility Warehouse is a big fat scam – More like Utility Scamhouse

Well it’s time to bring this back to your attention as someone I know has been “suckered” by them. There’s a company going around that basically promises to give you cheaper gas, electricity, internet and telephone, they are called Utility Whorehouse Shithouse Warehouse. It all sounds good but it’s a lie, a big fat lie at that.

First of all this is how it works: They give you a quote for what your bills will be and it’s always better than what you’re paying currently paying so off you go and sign up and the bills come in and they are cheaper BUT later on you suddenly find these bills are basically all “estimated” and you owe them a load of money and then when you sit down and work it all out it’s actually more expensive. Don’t be suckered by this, they are just a reseller of another company’s services, so how can they be cheaper? It’s not possible, they don’t buy gas and electricity “wholesale” like British Gas, Scottish Power and all the others who are REAL energy companies, this company is just a reseller so they can NEVER be cheaper.

Then there’s the pyramid scheme …. You can be more than just a customer, you can sign up and get a commission on all the suckers who become customers that you sign up, worse still (for them, maybe not for you) you can sign up other people to be sellers as well and you get a commission of their commission, bla bla bla and so on. They call it “network marketing” but essentially it’s a pyramid scheme or multi level marketing and that means 99.9% of the people who sign up will fail to make any money and get ripped off. Because that’s what the BUSINESS MODEL is: you pay the £200 (or whatever it is now, it was £200) and 99.9% of those £200 pound “joining fees” will end up lining the pockets of Utility Warehouse and you’ll make squat. Fortunately most people have common sense if someone knocks on their door and says you can get the cheapest gas or electricity etc and tells (as I would) them to go “boil your head” (or in my case something a lot less polite.)

When I signed up I should have known better, I’d been burned before (Herbalife), you had to get a minimum of 6 customers and then you started earning your monthly commissions. Trouble is it’s hard just to get that. People don’t believe you and rightly so. They say it’s easy but in reality if, like me, you’re the sort of person who can’t even sell £10 notes for £5 and not a natural sales-person you’re buggered. If you are a natural sales-person then yes you can make it work BUT if you were that person there’s far better ways to make far better money selling something more ethical.

The bastards never paid me my commission, despite getting the arbitrary “6 customers” and frankly the people who signed me up were no help at all and couldn’t give a shit about me. I was in desperate straits at the time, I had been suicidal and lost my home and business due to the recession and nobody gave a flying sh*t. Do you really want to deal with such a business?

MLM companies, bastards the lot of them, I hope you all burn in hell and I wouldn’t urinate on Utility Warehouse if they were on fire, I’d chuck some petrol on instead.



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  1. Jackie Sutton

    The “estimated bills” bit is how they caught me out, got about 6 months and they sent me an “adjusted bill” for an extra £600, con merchants IMO.

    • I am sorry you think you been scam.when you get an estimate it only a rough estimate of what the company think your monthly bill is go to be. The person who showed you the business should have pointed that out.Now your estimate bill could be higher or lower.In you case it was lower and that why you had a £600 BILL.It was not the company thought it was the person who show you the business.THE COMPANY IS NOT A SCAM COPMANY

      • Diabetic Ninja

        It’s a scam company, like all MLM, scam scam scam. The “business model” is the agent joining fees.

  2. No one should work for this company and I’ll tell you why, I applied for a role within their company, I received a phone call from a member of the recruitment team he sounded very bubbly over the phone and the company sounded like a great company to work for, I checked their website and their videos on YouTube and the testimonies about the company sounded positive. I was invited for an assessment interview on the 20 April at 9.30 am at their Offices in NW London the invitation email clearly stated not to be late for the interview as they may have to reschedule. I turned up on the day at 9 am and reported to reception, I signed in and took a seat in the waiting area, there where two or three other people who came just before me who were also there to attend the assessment interview. 9.30 am came and went, no interviewer, by this time some more people turned up albeit late. 9.45 am still waiting no interviewer so at 9.50 I politely asked the receptionist when the interviewer would be coming as the session was due to start at 9.30 am, she said that I am not the only one who was waiting there are other candidates waiting as well, to which understand I can only speak for my self and no others (I did not say this to the receptionist). At 10 am a lady and the interviewer came and called all the candidates, I got up to follow the group and I was called to one side by the lady turned out to be head of recruitment and I was told that because of my conduct they were not going to pursue my application. I told that I was not rude to the receptionist and that I was there since 9 am 30 mins before the session was due to start. She explained the interview from the moment you enter the building, that was her excuse for keeping people waiting in reception for an hour. In my view an interview starts the moment you are greeted by the interviewer and taken to the interview room and not the moment when you report to reception and made to wait an hour in the waiting area. I consider this as being very rude and unprofessional, you should not keep people who come to see you waiting for so long without giving them a legitimate reason. I understand that at times you may be running late but if some one is waiting for you, at least have the decency to let them know that your running late. I wanted to speak to someone more senior then this HR lady but I couldn’t, when I got home I telephoned them and spoke to the recruitment team and told them that I was not happy and basically I said that I will not be applying for any future roles within this company and (as they rely on word of mouth other than advertising). I would not recommend them to anybody. Utility Warehouse recruitment on massive volumes, and they think they have the right to take advantage of candidates by making the wait an hour or so in reception before intviewing them. I am glad that I found out what this company is really like, FUTURE CANDIDATES BEWARE.

  3. G

    This company are the worst i’ve ever dealt with – scammers do not use!

    • Per Edwards

      Been on the phone for over an hour being moved between one person who doesn’t know what they’re do doing to being on hold for over half an hour before talking to another person who has no clue on what the deal is with the LED lightbulb charges if you are a tenant moving house!
      Might do myself a Utility Scam-House T-shirt for wearing to events that they are appearing at!
      Be careful before choosing these people to provide your utilities!

  4. S Hendren

    I’m really sorry to hear that that you had a bad experience with UW. I am not an office employee of UW, this is just my experience that i am talking about.

    I sell Utility Warehouse services and i have to say i don’t recognise the same company you are talking about. I give quotes based on the annual usage (which is exactly the same thing the “big 6” do) and frequently save people quite a bit of money. I personally save about £153 per year compared to my previous power supplier so your assertion that UW can never be cheaper is confusing to me.

    I also get free LED lightbulbs for life, which are power saving and would cost me around £150 to buy.

    I accept that selling is not everybody’s thing and it sounds like you had a bad experience with the people who signed you up but that certainly isn’t what they were taught to do. I think that’s where most trouble with UW comes from. People sign up and don’t follow the model, which is daft because it works. It certainly doesn’t involve leaving new sign ups to struggle. From that perspective i would certainly agree that the people who signed you up let you down badly.

    As for the joining fee, you can make that back in the first month (admittedly it’s easier to do that now than when the OP was written)

    I think it’s harsh to call it a scam, because it does save a lot of people money and can make people a lot of money if they do the work.

    No axe to grind here, just trying to provide a little balance.

    • Diabetic Ninja

      I accept there’s always going to be exceptions but on the whole that changes nothing, Utility Warehouse is still, in my opinion, essentially an arsehole company and the people who signed me up are similarly arseholes.

    • Diabetic Ninja

      Incidentally I did appeal to the company for help (or at least a refund) but basically got the polite version of “fuck off”.

    • Diabetic Ninja

      The problem is I did “do the work” and got fuck all for it.

  5. Ken

    Been using them for five years or so and never had any issues. Seem to be cheap. I see them recommended as a “Best Buy” by Which which is always reassuring.

  6. Ken

    Oh – and looking forward to my free LED bulbs next week. (Maybe I should have waited until I see how this goes before posting – but what could possibly go wrong?)

  7. Steven Morris

    I am a customer of Utility Warehouse, they lost me my phone number last year when I changed over, at the time I had just lost my wife and I was under a lot of stress and I needed a phone because of the Hospital and the Doctor, I complained but they never got back to me. I complained about having to pay for a paper Bill which is 1.50 because it is targeting Pensioners or people that can’t afford Internet, they agreed with my argument, as it is to use less paperwork, environmentally friendly but they still send you letters through the post advising you how to use less energies.

  8. Steve

    Since joining I seem to have a lot of unexplained things happening on line my phone has had settings altered without me going into settings menu also my I pad siezed and had to be reset by an it programmer can I be sure security is not being breached

  9. I am truly sorry and sad to hear that anyone has had a bad experience with U.W. Personally I have had great experience with the company first as a customer then secondly as a partner (distributer)

    U.W look after us and expect us to do the same with our customers.
    They are a networking company, basically they do not spend millions of pounds on advertising. What they do is heavily rely on referrals/recommendations.

    For now allow me to direct you to ‘Which magazine’. They have just awarded Utility warehouse as the best provider and customer service 2018.

    All the Best
    Steven :0)

  10. Do not trust any survey that puts these guys at the top, remember they have 40,000 ish sales reps with an interest in seeing their company score well, that is an awful lot of votes!

    Now go back and look at Which Magazine again, and then read The Gardian article about them.

  11. Kev

    In my opinion, UW is not a scam but it is an extreme example of commercialism, in order to save you have to spend the more you spend on utilities and their cash card the more you are supposed to save.
    On the cash card, you are given discounts in certain shops but the discounts are ridiculous as the majority only give you between one and five per cent and those that offer ten or more are usually in places you might use or visit once a year. If you love spending large sums of money on a regular basis then yes you might get lower utility bills but what you save will probably be spent on a lot of unnecessary spending.
    Anybody looking to join UW PLEASE do your homework as they are not the most economical utility providers on the market, there are other providers who offer lower prices with regards to broadband better service.

  12. Frances

    I have been approached by a UW rep to a meeting . I am not going , mainly because of something I said at work in a ‘safe meeting’ , ( I am a crisis worker) was used in the invitation . I am livid as they then obviously sought my personal mobile to invite me ! I am new to the job and obviously do not want to rock the boat but surely data protection has been breached by this desperate selling . Apparently they are so successful within UW that they have just been on a fully paid cruise hmm .

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