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Gays Banging Way?

Gay couple demand street called Bangays Way is renamed because it is offensive to homosexuals even though it is actually named after a local gas fitter.

– Phillip and Ian Tucker are calling for street name in village to be changed
– Road was named after stalwart Frank Bangay, who died in December 1999
– Couple have written to council asking to rename it to after his full name
– The Bangay family are furious and have labelled it as ‘playground bullying’

A gay couple are demanding a street named after a local gas fitter is renamed because it is offensive to homosexuals. Phillip Tucker and his husband Ian, who have lived in Borough Green in Kent for more than seven years, are calling for the name – Bangays Way – to be changed. It was called after Frank Bangay, a former parish councillor, historian and school governor, who died in December 1999, as a tribute to his dedication to the village.

The couple have written to the parish council to complain that the road, which is part of a new housing development, should be renamed ‘Frank Bangay Way’ or have the ‘s’ removed. Phillip said: ‘My husband and I went to look round the new development, as you do. Having got over the initial humour, we reflected that this street name was actually pretty offensive.

Poor old Frank is turning in his grave …. Seriously, some people can be offended by just about anything. The council should put an apostrophe between the Y and the S, that’ll piss ’em off, nothing to complain about then.


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