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The Conservatives won, get over it ….

Published on 10th May 2015 by in Opinion

Like many people in this “digital” era, I use Facebook. Now I have noticed a “trend” on Facebook in the last few days which suggests that the election was a “fix” and the Tories rigged it to make sure they would win …. This is England, not some “backwater” nation state run by a despotic tyrant, get a sense of proportion people. Whether you like it or not the vox populi has spoken and the Tories have won. AND for the record, don’t make assumptions about how I voted, for the first time ever in my voting life I voted for someone other than the Conservatives due to my disgust with the policies being enacted by politicians such as Iain Duncan Smith and Esther McVey; not that it would have made a lot of difference as where I live has been Conservative since Henry VIII was still in diapers.

What about these so called methods of “fixing” the elections? Comments such as “they must have erased the crosses for Labour and crossed Tory”, seriously? Do some people believe this? How on earth did the Conservative party manage to “hush up” all the scores (nay, HUNDREDS) of people across the United Kingdom who were involved in counting the votes? If they had tried that then it would have got out somehow by now, somebody would “blab” so to speak. In fact any method to engineer/fix the results on a national scale would be virtually impossible. Time to “get over it”, David Cameron has won this one.

Then there’s the argument about how unfair a voting system it is and you know what? I agree, it does seem rather “crap” BUT, at the end of the day, it’s the system we have and it applies to all the parties. I was absolutely gutted when Tony Blair (I thought then he’d be a useless pratt and history will, in my opinion, bear witness to me being right on this) came into power but I didn’t whinge about it, because under the system we have he won fair and square. Plus I would remind you all that we did have a referendum on alternative voting methods and proportional representation politics and we voted NO; in other words we voted to keep the “first past the post” system. The argument that it was not well publicised is rather weak as well, it was in the papers, on the news on television and so on, did you not get a polling card? Say no more.

I don’t agree with all of the Conservative policies (for example I’m still pi**ed off they scrapped the compulsory Homeowner Information Pack like 3 days after I’d just paid £700+ for one) but I do accept something “has to be done” about balancing the books. This constant harassment of benefit claimants is not the way forward in my opinion. If the benefit sanctions are causing despair and even suicide then that is clearly a “step too far”. There are other ways of balancing the books. I don’t believe for one second that the Conservative party has borrowed more money than “every Labour government ever put together” as is being claimed as I am old enough to remember the Labour government of the 1970s and the repercussions of that political era.

It’s time to move on. Do you really think that voicing conspiracy theories will make a blind bit of difference? Of course not. The problem with conspiracy theories is in the “theory” part, they are a theory, simple as that, nothing more and nothing less. I’m also pi**ed off about things I don’t get out of life but I don’t believe, for one second, there’s any conspiracy behind it. You want to make a difference then become active in your community, make a difference in each other’s lives, stop being selfish and maybe get into politics yourself?


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