Home News Ding dong the Wirral witch is gone …. Well hopefully ….

Ding dong the Wirral witch is gone …. Well hopefully ….

Published on 3rd May 2015 by in News

BLACK DOG: Dave gets the blame for downfall of Esther

“Friends of Tory ‘scouser’ Esther McVey say David Cameron should bear some of the blame for her seemingly inevitable defeat in her Wirral West seat. Feisty former TV presenter McVey complained of disgraceful ‘lynch the b****’ taunts by Labour after the PM made her a Welfare Minister.”

Oh really? Frankly she should lose the seat in my opinion. She may well be “only following orders” (we’ve all heard that line before) but she should have the metaphorical “balls” to stand up to David Cameron and tell him that the “welfare reforms” she has been in charge of are plain evil. She could at least try and look less like she’s enjoying it …. My tip to Esther is to look up the words empathy and sympathy in the dictionary.

Don’t get me wrong my issue here isn’t so much with the Conservatives but with her (oh and that other mendacious plain evil politician Iain Duncan Smith).

Frankly if this woman gets in again then politics in this country is doomed.


PS I am well aware the picture is a fake but frankly don’t care, it’s “about right” in regards to this truly awful woman.

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